The 17 Goals of UN

At LIME we strive to work with the 17 UN sustainable development goals in all of our cooperations.

Fun-fact: All of our certifications can be led to the UN sustainable development goals. Did you know that there is a direct line between the GOTS certification and goal number 6, Clean Water?

This is due to the fact that organic cotton saves 97% less water and the water for growing the cotton is not sprayed with pesticides, that pollutes the water.

Our primary target goals

At LIME we strive especially to work with number 3, 8, 12 and 13. These UN sustainable goals are important to us and our employees.

3: Good Health & Well-Being

Nothing is more important to us, than the very well being of our colleagues in Denmark, Turkey and China. That is why we are constantly trying to improve our working environment. Did you know that our production facility in China has a SA-8000 certification? This is the highest social standard for any production facility to obtain and we are extremely proud of the team.

In Denmark we have created a sustainable inspired and light working environment that embraces our mentality for our kind of business.

8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

This is just as important to us as responsible consumption and production. The number 8 is very important for our world and the cooperation between employees and clients. Working great together ensures economic growth.

12: Responsible Consumption & Production

To ensure that everything is responsible and produced in the right way, LIME audits the facilities and we are constantly searching for sustainable options in our production.

We are also working with pre- and post consumer waste, so every part of the supply chain is utilized properly.

13: Climate Action

Make no mistake – this one is tricky. Where there is demand and consumer consumption there will always be a carbon footprint. But climate actions can be made in many ways. For instance, we are donating part of our revenue to a Plastic NGO. We are also organizing clean up events in our local neighborhood – and we are consulting companies in how to choose a sustainable supplier and how to cooperate.


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