Terms & Conditions

1 In general

1.1 These sales and delivery terms apply to all offers, orders, order confirmations and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.2 The selling supplier Superstainable is mentioned as “the seller” in the document and the buying customer is mentioned as “the

buyer”. Seller and buyer can be mentioned as “parties”.

1.3 Products are mentioned as the goods

2 Offer

2.1 All offers are valid for 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

2.2 Final agreement on delivery is only available when the buyer has received the seller’s written order confirmation.

2.3 The buyer is advised to follow any specified instruction on the item that may follow.

3 Pricing

3.1 Prices are stated in the given offer or in the order confirmation.

3.2 The seller is fully entitled to regulate prices on a regular basis, unless otherwise agreed in writing

4 Payment & Collateral

4.1 The seller’s general terms of payment is 14 days nets from receiving the goods, but can be negotiated individually between the


4.2 If the buyer fails to comply with the payment deadline, the seller may maintain the delivery at any time.

4.3 If the buyer fails to comply with the deadline for payment, the seller may at any time surrender any claim against the buyer for debt


5 Cancellation & change of orders

5.1 The buyer is not entitled to change an order or cancellation thereof when production has started.

5.2 The buyer must receive the goods when all instances are met.

5.3 If it is agreed that the buyer can cancel an order, the buyer is obliged to assume all associated costs.

6 Return policy & packing

6.1 Seller does not receive returned goods.

6.2 If it is agreed specifically that the seller accepts returned goods, the goods must be unused and in original condition.

7 Samples

7.1 Samples show only the item in a test form and may differ from the original result.

8 Delivery terms

8.1 The delivery date stated in the order confirmation is for guidance only, unless otherwise agreed in writing

8.2 If a fixed delivery date is agreed, the seller is entitled to an extended delivery deadline at:

– Force Majeure

– Supplier delays

– Unusual climate impacts

– Labor disputes

– Public injunctions and/or prohibitions

9 Complaint and defects

9.1 The buyer must complain on time (within 14 days), when detecting defects on the products.

9.2 Immediately after receiving the delivered products, the Customer is obliged to examine whether the products are in accordance

with the agreement. This examination has to be carried-out before the products are applied by, or on behalf of, the customer.

9.3 If, in the Customer’s judgement, the delivered products are not in accordance with the agreement, the Customer must make a

written objection, stating reasons, within 14 days after receipt of the products.

9.4 In the event the basis for the objection could not have reasonably been discovered within this time period, a time period of 14 days

after that basis could reasonably have been discovered shall apply.

10 Disputes

10.1 Any dispute between the parties shall be settled by arbitration unless the seller decides that the dispute shall be settled by the

ordinary courts.

11 Entry into force

11.1 These sales and delivery terms will enter into force from the 1th of April 2018 and applies to all orders received from this time.


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